About Money Green Life

Thanks for visiting our blog. We started Money Green Life in hopes to write about our personal experiences of savings money, going green, and improving life. Honestly, we don’t have much experience in any of these categories. We’re still in our early 30s! But, we do enjoy practicing them, talking about them, and now writing about them.

Save Money

Ever since our very first job, at the United Lube and Tune-Up Center as a teenager, we have been very frugal with our money. Although we barely made above the minimum wage, we were probably the richest amongst our friends at the time. We ended up graduating with Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland. When we landed our first job out of school upon graduation, our starting salary was below average at $43,000. However, we were able to save just over $20,000 during our first year by living with our folks. That’s how frugal we were. We love saving money and learning about ways to do so. We hope to communicate to the world what we have already learned and what we are learning now.

Go Green

We currently work full time as a mechanical engineer, somewhere in the suburbs of Maryland. It is a small company that specializes in saving energy. Over the few years we’ve been there, we picked up a thing or two about saving energy, energy saving products, and practical energy saving solutions. Although our projects are centered in mostly commercial and government facilities, the same ideas can be translated to residential homes. We hope to provide ideas and energy saving tips that people can utilize in and around their homes. Let’s face it, more and more people are going green and trying to contribute in saving the environment. By saving energy in our homes, we are helping to save our environment.