Right now, EZtrader is offering a deposit bonus of $85 when you deposit $500 and $600 bonus when you deposit $2000. Starting in August, the bonus increases to $100 for $500 deposit, $875 for $2,500 deposit, and $1,800 bonus for $4,000 deposit. To take advantage of this offer, you can sign up for EZtrader.com. Simply deposit using your credit card and the bonus will be reflected in your account the following business day. Once the bonus is received, you need to trade at least 3x the total value of your deposit + bonus for the bonus to be cleared for withdrawal. So, if you deposited $500 and received $100 bonus, you need to make $1,800 worth of trades for the bonus to be cleared. There is no expiration date.

How To Trade Binary Options

I tried EZtrader and I like it. The process is very simple. EZtrader offers a list of common stocks that users can purchase options. You can either purchase a PUT option or a CALL option. If you purchase a PUT option, you’re hoping that the stock price will go down below the strike price that was agreed upon before the transaction. If you purchase a CALL option, you’re hoping the stock price will go up above the strike price that was agreed upon. The options expire at the end of the hour. The image below shows a few of about 10 stocks EZtrader allows you to participate in. You can also trade in Indices, Currencies, Commodities, EU Markets, and others.


Some stocks have higher payout rate than others. The higher payout stocks are less volatile so it becomes more difficult to predict how the stock will behave during the next hour. All that’s needed to be done is select the stock you are interested in, click the green CALL button if you think the price will go up by the end of the hour, or click the red PUT button if you think the price will go down by the end of the hour. So, let’s say you placed a $100 CALL option on JPMorgan Chase at $40.283, as the image above shows. If at 2pm when the option expires, if the price is above $40.283, you earn 65% or $65 on your money. A total of $165 will be funded to your account. If the price went down below the strike price of $40.283, then you receive 5% of your original investment, or $5. If this happens, you lose $95. The most you can purchase in one transaction is $1,500. The minimum is $30.

Deposit and Withdraw Methods

EZtrader only allows deposit methods using a credit card. Mastercard, Visa, or American Express will work. There is no charge for this transaction and your credit card company will not charge you a Cash Advance fee. To make a withdraw, EZtrader automatically funds back to your credit card used for the deposit, up to the deposit amount. The remaining amount must be withdrawn using bank wire and it costs $25 for each transaction. So, if I made a deposit of $500 and I made a profit of $1,000 and want to make a full withdraw of $1,500, $500 will be funded back to my original credit card, and $1,000 will have to be withdrawn using a bank wire process. EZtrader does not charge any other fees associated with your account.

Customer Service

Customer service is actually pretty good. As soon as you sign up, a real live person will give you a call to make sure all your questions have been answered. There is also a live chat feature that can get the answers to your questions quick. If you have any questions or concerns, you should have no problems in getting the answers right away.

Real Time Stock Prices

EZtrader does not provide any analytical resources to help you with your trades. All they provide is the real time stock prices. I suggest using eTrade, Scottrade, or TradeKing to help you look at charts and graphs in real time. All of these stock brokers have trading platforms that are integrated with real time charts and graphs that will definitely help you make better decisions when it comes to binary options. By looking at these charts and graphs, along with Ask and Bid prices, you will be able to predict the behavior of the stock’s momentum more accurately.

So, go ahead and give it a shot. Try a practice trade first before you deposit and see if you come out on top.