Ultimate Rewards program, launched by Chase Freedom is a cashback rewards program tailored to offer more cashback bonuses to their cardholder members. I had previously written about Discover Card rewards program, ShopDiscover and they offer 1% cashback bonus on all purchases and can receive cashback bonuses from 5% and even up to 20% if you make online purchases through ShopDiscover shopping portal and use your Discover Card to make those purchases.


Chase Freedom’s Ultimate Rewards program is very similar to  ShopDiscover. Through Ultimate Rewards’ online shopping portal, you can earn 5% or up to 20% cash rebate when you make purchases with your Chase Freedom Mastercard. I originally signed up for Chase Mastercard back in 1999 for their gas rewards. Back then they offered gas cash rebates of 5% at any gas stations. Due to recession or perhaps some other unknown reasons, they cut back the rebate to only 3%. Nevertheless, I still find the rebate very useful and still use it for all my gas purchases today. Prior to the launch of Ultimate Rewards program in 2009, I had all of my rebates I earned every month credited back to my account for the next billing cycle. Now, just like my Discover account, all of my cashback rebates are accumulated separately within m Chase account, at which point I can choose to redeem at any time.

How It Works


Chase Freedom Ultimate Rewards program is very similar to ShopDiscover. As of today, I can’t determine which program is better compared to the other. Just like Discover, you can request a check, redeem for gift cards, and credit towards your balance. You can also earn additional cashback rewards through their shopping portal and earn up to 20% when you use your Chase mastercard. You can also earn 5% on all purchases in home improvement, home furnishings, lawn and garden, and drugstores through July. After July, Chase Freedom will offer 5% rebates on a completely different set of categories.


How To Sign Up

If you like to sign up for Chase Freedom, click here and click on “Chase” on the left pane menu. **Update** For a limited time, receive $200 cash back bonus for signing up.

If you like to sign up for Chase Sapphire, click here and and click on “Chase” on the left pane menu. Chase Sapphire currently gives you $100 in rewards or 10,000 points after your first purchase. There’s no annual fee. I took a screenshot of the Sapphire offer details from Chase website.