I recently applied for mortgage refinance couple weeks ago and am in final stages of completion. My monthly mortgage payments will decrease from $2,020 to $1,800. With the extra couple hundred dollars I’ll now be saving, I plan to deposit that in my new Discover Bank online savings account, which I created for my wedding budget savings. One of the required fees for refinancing is credit check. I just looked at a copy of my latest credit report that was sent to me and I was pleasantly surprised at my score. When you request a credit report, you can receive three scores, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. My scores were 820, 805, and 816 respectively!

I’m not quite sure how my scores became that high, but what I am sure of is that I always pay my bills on time and in full. Even when I purchased my diamond for the engagement ring, I put it on my Chase Freedom Card, so I could at least receive 1% cash back on my rewards. Then when my credit card bill arrived, I paid it in full.  I also pay my HOA fees on time, my mortgage payments on time, my phone and electric bills on time. I also paid all my car payments on time, 3 years early, in fact. There are many ways to improve credit score, but basically the bottom line is, if you make all your payments on time, you should be good to go. However, if you’re score is low to begin with, you can refer to my tips on ways to increase your credit score for more detailed information.