Yakezie is one of the best online community for personal finance bloggers that was officially launched earlier this year. The motto, “selflessly helping others” is something that everyone practices on a daily basis. If there is a problem you have with your blog, simply ask other members in their forum and sometimes within seconds, someone is already there trying to help you out. I joined Yakezie because it was a way to get plugged in with other finance bloggers. Just reading other members posts every day really brings insight that I would’ve never imagined myself. I have grown so much as a blogger the past few months due to the influence of the Yakezie and for that I am truly thankful. I suggest you join and become part of a network of the best personal finance sites as well.

The community is growing everyday with over 130 members. Most of them are active Yakezie Challengers where they are committed to help each other grow by promoting others unselfishly. When you help others without asking for anything in return, it naturally becomes beneficial to you as well. And that’s the Yakezie motto that everyone stands by.

The goal of the challenge is to help everyone reach their Alexa Ranking milestones. First milestone is to reach 200,000 and then 100,000, and so forth. After 6 months, everyone will reflect back on their progress to see how far they have come. Bloggers can reach these milestones on their own, but with the help from an active community, it just becomes that much easier and quicker to reach. Since joining this past June, my Alexa Ranking has skyrocketed from 2 million to 292,000 today.

You can read more about the challenge over at the Yakezie website and to join, read the forums and simply introduce yourself to the rest of the challengers.