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Diamond Buying Experience: The Four C’s

Before going to your favorite jeweler, do yourself a favor and at least educate yourself on the 4 C’s of a diamond: Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity. When I visited a local jeweler with my girlfriend to take a quick

I Have Buyer’s Remorse

I think I have a condition of what is called “The Buyer’s Remorse”. It’s when you make a big purchase and then regret it later. They say that it’s typically a mental issue where you’re excited and pumped up about …

How To Budget With Top-Down and Bottom-Up Budgeting

The end of 2010 is very near and if you’re like most people, you’ve already started to think about new year’s resolution for 2011. Have you looked at your budget goals for this past year? How have you done? Have …

Money Green Life Joins the Yakezie Alexa Ranking Challenge

Money Green Life proudly joins the Yakezie Alexa Ranking Challenge, hosted by Financial Samurai. The challenge exists to help other financial bloggers get out in the open and help them to become more exposed to the public. Alexa is

5 Reasons To Lease Your Next Car

A friend of mine just leased a brand new Honda Civic for $199/mo with no money down for 36 months. His limits are 36,000 miles during the leasing period with $0.15/mi for each additional miles over the limit. His commute …

Jim Joyce Is Forgiven: The Worst Call Ever

So by  now, everyone’s heard the news, watched the news, and heard it and watched it over and over again. A veteran umpire for major league baseball unarguably made the worst call ever in his entire umpiring career. When Joyce …

How To Diversify Your Income

In these days and age, having just one source of income just won’t cut it anymore. Not only is it sometimes not enough, it’s also not very safe. The unemployment rate is still sky high and people are still living …

Budget Your Own Finances: Have More Control Of Your Money

There are so many online websites and tools to help you budget your own money. People are signing up for or or or and so on. These online sites are becoming more popular each day because …

How To Save Money Using A Programmable Thermostat During Heating Season



If you’re like most people, you probably spend over $2,000 annually on heating and cooling bills. About 35-50% of the total bill is probably devoted to heating and cooling your home. The remaining 50-65% of your total household energy …

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