With the final table set for the WSOP Main Event, I got the itch to play some poker. I kept seeing those commercials on TV about how Hollywood Casino at Charles Town in West Virginia just opened up with table games and poker room, along with slots and such, so a couple friends and I decided to take the 80 min drive and check it out this past weekend. Normally, whenever we have the urge to gamble a bit, we always head up to Borgata in Atlantic City, but that’s 2.5-3 hr drive each way. We figured if Hollywood Casino made a good impression on us, we would make this our home casino.


Well, our first impression was not…well, let’s just say it wasn’t good. Waiting 90 minutes just to put our names down on the waiting list for poker was already ridiculous and waiting another 5 hours to sit down at a poker table was even more ridiculous. Just based on that experience alone, I never want to go back to Hollywood Casino ever again. Why wait 6.5 hours to play when I can drive to Borgata in less than 3 hours? I could also decide to play poker online at Pokerstars and try to win money like Boku87 instead.

While waiting for a seat at the poker table, we figured we’ll wait it out by at least playing some table games, such as blackjack, 3-card poker, pai gow poker, craps, and roulette.  We then ran into two major problems. One problem was that there was no open tables to play at. All of the seats were filled by other players and each table was hovered by dozens of people just watching. On top of that, the table game minimum limits were too high for our bankroll. At $50 minimums, we could only afford to play 4-5 hands before we go bust. Anyway, we were finally able to play some poker at around 7:30pm. We ended up leaving at around midnight.

I have to say that I cannot recommend going to Hollywood Casino for some table game action. You would be lucky if you can even find a seat.

If you enjoy the volatility of table games such as roulette or blackjack, consider opening an account with EZtrader. EZtrader is essentially gambling with the stock market. Basically, you choose whether a certain stock will go up or go down within the next hour. If you guess right, you get paid. If you guess wrong, you lose your bet. You can read my full review of EZtrader here, for more detailed analysis of how EZtrader works.

With that said, if you ever decide to make a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City with your buddies, you should learn which games have the best odds of winning. Here are my top 5 games that have the best odds.

My Top 5 Best Odds Casino Game

1. Blackjack (0.48%)

House has 0.48% edge. Dealer stands on soft 17, player may double on any two cards, player may double after splitting, no surrender, no resplitting of Aces. This is a fast game and averages about 70 hands per hour.

2. Three-Card Poker (3.37%)

House has 3.37% edge, assuming you play both Ante and Play. The edge increases to 5.32% if you play Ante, Play, and Pair Plus. Three-Card Poker is a little slower than Blackjack and can expect to see about 50 hands per hour.

3. Mini-Baccarat (1.2%)

House has about 1.2% edge. This is also a fast paced game with expected hands per hour at around 70.

4. Pai-Gow Poker (1.96%)

In Pai-Gow Poker, you make two hands from 7 cards dealt to you. one 5-card hand and one 2-card hand. The odds of player winning both hands is 28.61%. The odds of house winning both hands is 29.91%. The odds of a tie or a push is 41.48%. So if you do the math, you will win or tie 7 of 10 hands played.  The game is played very slow at about 30 hands per hour.

5. Spanish 21 (0.40%)

House has 0.40% provided that House stands on soft 17. If house hits on soft 17, the house edge increases to 0.76%. This game is very similar to the traditional blackjack and is played at about 70 hands per hour.

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